## 11KV Feeder Maps with Pole and DTR are available on Urja App. ## Pole Numbering Module will be Map Based ## DTR Failure and Replacment Will have additional Facility with Map on Andoid Phone ##

Distribution Transformer Village Mapping

Village with DTR List

As 2.31 Lakh DTRs are Geotagged , these are mapped with Villages Automaticaly.This mapping is used for DTR Failure Monitioring >Feeder Village DTR Lists

DTR Tagging with Diaries

Project for Linking Asset Mapping with Consumer Indexing

TOTAL DTRS Tagged with Meter Reader Diary =2,20,355

Feeder Wise Consumer Map

Assets Maintenance SPEC Module

InfraStructure Maps

Asset Mapping and GIS has been integrated with Assets Maintenance Total 5053 Number 11KV Feeders Emanates from From 1146 Number 33/11KV Substations Maintenace is being carried out
Total 33KV Feeders 736 Emanating from 115 EHV Substations, Maintenace is being carried out

Spec Login

Real Time Monitoring of 33KV Feeders

WEB SCADA for 33KV Feeders

Real Time Status of 33KV Feeders

Web Scada

Distribution Transformer Failure and Replacment

Distribution Transformer Failure and Replacment

GIS Based APp is Used for DTR Failure and Replacment

GIS based Feeder Maintenace

GIS based Feeder Maintenace

Feeder Maintenace is being carried out using App and Photo graphs with Location of Spot are tracked

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Pole Numbering Module

With Asset Mapping Every 11KV Pole is Given a Unique Number , and its Photo along with Location is being captured. This will help Maintenance and consumers